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Education Planning

Determining the most cost-effective, tax-efficient way to fund a post-secondary education is not always easy. Many parents would prefer not to think about it at all – hoping that things will somehow work out. Due to the “cross-your-fingers” approach, many families face limited choices for colleges and universities. In order for families to best prepare for this future event, it is important to understand higher education pricing, the admissions process, financial aid and how to best navigate the entire complex university system. The Heartland Institute employs a variety of strategies to help position families and students to receive optimal placement and funding.

Educational coach plays a vital role in the international student mobility. Coach as a face of the university or college is willing to provide their students with the most accurate information, fast application process, and a positive outcome.

Having a rich experience in guidance and counseling in education sectors the team understands the typical problems faced by student and parents. Functions and features of this system allow saving money, time and efforts usually spent on the processing of student applications.