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We are the pioneers in the field of international student mobility, college planning, recruitment process automation, international digital marketing and digital academic networking. This is is one of the world's largest platform where students can find relevant coach and institutions from around the globe and achieve their goal in a hassle-free process.

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Education-Cube platform is a total solution to streamline and automate international student mobility process.

As we know that most of the universities and colleges find it difficult to recruit desired numbers and quality of international students, and vice versa potential students are not able to identify most appropriate program at preferred location. Instead, college bear high costs for developing agent network and spend a fortune on travel and marketing budgets to do so and student get confused and land in a program which might not be best in terms of job outlook or matches the skill set. We simplify the entire process using digital tools and do the matchmaking for the institutions and students. Our range of services includes ground-up approach, automation of the international office operations and personalized services to run an offshore office for your institution.

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We believe in, work and promote a principle of UNION

U – Universal

Reach out to the world

N – Network

Relationship building with students, family, institutions, and communities at large

I – Innovation

Use of technology to make it simple, fast and affordable

O – Optimism

Building positive growth environment

N – Nobel

Promoting the global mission of education for all as a fundamental right and breaking the stereotyping

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