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Benefits of becoming an Educational Coach

Following are the benefits of becoming a Coach:

  • Increase in knowledge and experience covering another area of the educational and financial foundation and wellness supporting our mission.
  • Brings access to families with children that are from high school to college age and who are highly concerned about planning and finding a right career to provide for their children’s college education.
  • Provides assistance to help his/her own children and network of family, colleagues, and friends plan and save and achieve their goals of higher education.
  • Provides an entryway to tap into their warm market faster.
  • Generates additional income for their services
  • Provides an opportunity to reposition parents’ assets to qualify for financial assistance such as grants, scholarships, and student loans.
  • Affords an opportunity to provide insurance coverage (to the uninsured or underinsured) to protect the family.
  • Allows a new opportunity to recruit, especially with college graduates and parents of the students.
  • Leads to more referrals, one family to the next family, and one student to the next student.

Apart from these, it also includes a progressive compensation package. For more details please contact us.